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The First 2,000 Days

Learn More About The Importance Of High Quality Education in the first 2,000 days

The development that takes place in the first five years of life (2,000 days) is truly extraordinary. Did you know a child’s learning actually begins before birth, and continues at an astonishing speed? By age five, it has reached more than 90 percent of the volume of an adult brain.

This means that those first five years are a critical time. 

We engage in thoughtful conversation with the community to help separate fact from fiction, and ultimately increase access to well-funded, high quality early childhood education for all.

What happens in our classrooms is much more than simple “reading, writing and arithmetic.” We carve out spaces for self-representation in order to nurture dynamic, equitable and diverse communities for all learners. For more information click here.

Children with High Quality Early Education have a:

  • 46% better chance of avoiding incarceration
  •  44% better chance of graduating from high school
  • 50% better chance of avoiding teen pregnancy
  •  26% better chance of financial self-sufficiency.