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We partner with families and caregivers to create ideal environments for young children during their busiest developmental years.

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Options for all income levels: Early Head Start and 0-3 years

Let Verner’s enrollment specialists help you discover the best options for your infant or toddler.

NC Pre-K and Kindergarten Readiness

Discover options for the next step in your child’s learning journey.

Take a closer look at Verner's Community-Based Program

See what high-quality early education looks like when educators meet you where you are.

Verner Experiential Gardens (Veg!)

The Verner Experiential Garden is a safe, beautiful, abundant place for learning, growing, and gathering.

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Family Empowerment Program

We don’t just support our kiddos, we support families.

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Verner's Rainbow in My Tummy® Program Teaches Kids to Eat Healthy

Rainbow In My Tummy® wants to provide parents with the tools to sustain a healthy food culture at home.