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Verner Info Family Empowerment Program

Family Empowerment Program

A Unique Program That Provides Opportunities For Verner Families To Continue Their Education And/Or Improve Their Language Skills

Our Family Empowerment Program provides educational and emotional support to any Verner family that would like to continue and complete their education. Participants set goals, enroll in classes, and receive assistance when applying for financial aid. 

Through this program, we provide one-on-one support and case management to motivated families who want to gain the necessary skills to return to the workforce, increase their income levels, and break the cycle of poverty. Because of the Family Empowerment Program, dozens of Verner families have obtained their Associate’s, Bachelor’s And even Master’s degrees. Additional certifications have also included Nursing Assistant and Doula Specialist.

At Verner, our mission is to include supporting the whole family. No goal is too small or too big, and we are excited to join this journey with each family! For more information contact