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Policy Council

Policy Council

Midge Blakeslee (Treasurer

Karen Chavez (Secretary)

Maura Rigordaeva

Sierra Miller (Chairperson)

Dulce Morales Mino

Ashley Jones

Nyeema Williams

Wendy Reyes

Tocra Waters (Vice Chairperson)

Maria Ruiz

Joshua McClure

Rachel Shelton

Kateri M Fletes 

Policy Council: "My wish for all Children…"

All children understood.

All children free of trauma.

All caretakers participate in Circle of Security.

All children have inclusivity, total inclusivity.

All children have no trauma.

All children experience love and accepted for their difference.

All children have a level of confidence.

All children, no matter what they are going through, will be successful.

All children are confident, capable, and valued in their community.

All children are seen and respected, and respected as a whole person.

All children are seen as the genius and beautiful people they are.

All children get access to services and care that they need to thrive.

All children get caregivers who are respected and taken care of because, without them, families can not work.