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Meet Our Teachers


Verner teachers are all expected to foster the inclusive, play-based, interactive, and reflective learning atmosphere that families have come to expect of us. We are firm believers in the “teacher-as-researcher” model, in which teachers encourage play and discovery as a means to learning.

Our teachers are open-minded, and are similarly encouraged to pursue their own personal and career development. At Verner, we embrace innovative child development and family engagement best practices, and endeavor to share them with our peers in the early education community. Our teachers are an integral part of the high-quality learning environments we offer.

Not only will you gain valuable, hands-on experience using the latest best practices in the classroom, but you’ll also be supported through one-on-one mentorship from industry-leading professionals. We encourage growth and development for everyone at Verner, which means our teachers are encouraged to continue their education, as well, through benefits such as tuition assistance, paid training, and paid continuing education opportunities.

Start or continue your career in an inclusive environment full of lifelong learners, all seeking to bring out the best in one another.

We embrace Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) in everything we do. We fight for childrens’ humanity, and our efforts to increase access to high quality early learning stem from our core belief that all families – regardless of race or socioeconomic status – deserve care and support.

We strive to build meaningful connections with families and caregivers, to best serve the needs of children and the parallel needs of their grown-ups. Magic happens when our teachers work in collaboration with kids and families.

We consider ourselves advocates for children, and for increased access to high quality early learning. Our role as educators calls us to educate the broader community about the importance of well-funded and robust early childhood development programs. These are spaces that can model dynamic self-representation and equity for all.